Apr 24
Chord Learner v1.0 for iPhone & iPad is now available!

​Hello.  We are excited to announce the launch of our newest app Chord Learner.  This is an exciting and fun experience for learning, practicing, and understanding how to name chords and name the notes that make up a chord.  This app is great for any level of musician and any instrument that uses chords.  It will truly help you take your playing to the next level and give you the ability to improvise and move with ease from one instrument to the other.  You will gain a lot of knowledge about the circle of fifths and the 12 major keys.  You will begin to understand how chords fall into certain keys because of their sharps and flats.  You will learn over 32 types of chords and will understand the formulas that make up each chord.  We brought our popular color coded statistics to this app to allow you to easily track your progress.  You can also track your overall playing average.  If you get stuck, you can hit the Hint button to help you out.  Enjoy the app.

Purchase from the App store here

Check out a short demonstration video:



Nov 21
Fretboard Addict v1.7 for iOS iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices is released

​Hello everyone.  We just released Fretboard Addict v1.7 for iOS that supports iOS 7 and squashes a few bugs.  If you are running iOS 7, please update to the latest version.

​We are also celebrating that Fretboard Addict has reached over 1 million musicians.  In addition, we are about to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary in the iTunes App Store.  Thank you for your continued support and feedback!

Aug 25
Become a Fretboard Addict no matter which device you have!
Aug 18
Welcome To The New Blog

With a fresh new look on our website, we are also changing blog providers.  Below is a link to our previous blog.

Aug 18
Welcome to the new!

​Welcome to our biggest website refresh in 8 years.  This is the first time we have redesigned the website since the very beginning when we started back in 2005.  Enjoy the new layout!